Eternal Cultivation of Alchemy

Chapter 1309 Saint Poison Neutralizing Pill

The easiest thing for Alex to do was make the pastes. All he had to do was take the ingredients and crush them together until they were fine and slightly runny. 

Alex prepared the paste inside Memory at its largest size, so there was more than enough paste for most of the people in his family.

He also wrote down the Demon Eyes technique and handed it over to all 4 of his family members that could currently cultivate it.

Alex would have loved to give the technique to Whisker, but as a beast, he could not learn that technique even if he wanted to. Not that he would need to, given that he was a Seeking mouse and had one of the best senses in the entire world.

Their species were so good at finding things in their surroundings and understanding the environment they were in that the heavens had made it impossible for them to cultivate instead.

After finishing the paste, Alex handed it over to his family. That included his Mother, Father, his aunt Liz, and Ronron. The two clones couldn't cultivate, so they were excluded.

He explained to them how they would have to be blind for a long time after they started using this. 

In Alex's case, he had been blind for a little over 2 years. And that was with his having the Undying Physique where he healed far faster than the regular person.

In his family's case, it would most likely take them many more years than that. Alex was hopeful that Scarlet's fire would help them quite a bit, but he couldn't rely on it as well.

After understanding what they were going to go through, Helen was the first to accept. 

"We can still use our Spiritual sense, can't we? We should be able to see around us then," she asked.

"You can," Alex said. "I will also have elders find you all a seeking mouse so you can use its eyes to see instead. Although, you most likely won't need that unless there is something you really need your eyes for."

After hearing the explanation, all 4 of them decided to do it.

Alex helped everyone put the paste in their eyes. He was surprised by their scream when their eyes were destroyed by the paste in order to reform them.

He had forgotten how painful it was. Or rather, he never knew how painful it was. His pain tolerance had always been at an inhuman level ever since he started body cultivating along with Pearl.

Not only that, he had only recently been killed over a hundred times by being drowned in lava when he had used the paste for the first time.

As a result, the pain he had felt at the time was what he had described to his family members in passing as mild. It was not mild at all.

Even Graham grunted in pain as the paste destroyed his eyes. It was only after their eyes were completely destroyed that they stopped hurting.

Alex quickly pulled out some blindfolds he had prepared and helped tie them around their heads, covering their eyes and keeping the paste stuck to their eyes.

"You have to do it once a month from now on until this paste ends," Alex explained. Everyone nodded as they were using their spiritual sense to look at everything.

"Good," Alex said. "You can it on your own from now on then."

Once he had helped his family, he moved on to his other 2 tasks. 

The pill splitting Qi and the antidote pill itself were something that he could only understand while making those pills.

In a way, he could do two things at once. However, when it came to changing them, he had to do it separately. 

Alex focused on the ingredients first.

He only had the pill itself, so it took him a while to figure out the ingredients that were used to make the pills. Thankfully, it wasn't so complicated as Alex knew how to reverse engineer a pill recipe out of a pill.

It was one of the knowledge he had gained alongside the Supreme Elemental Accord when he first reached the Saint realm. Using the smell, the taste, the color, the elements, and even the effect of the pill, he could narrow down the list of ingredients that made those pills. 

Once he was down to just a few ingredients, he could just try to make them and figure out what the recipe was.

The shape of the powder and the elemental energy of the pill helped quite a lot in understanding what the recipe might be. 

The energy resulted was based on the strength of the two energy before it mixed together. Learning the strength of the energy helped Alex determine just what sort of temperature the ingredient must have been used under.

The shape helped determine the speed and rotation the ingredient must have gone through. Using these two pieces of information, one could with some level of certainty figure out just what the recipe was.

Once the recipe was ready, everything became even easier. 

Alex had a habit of upgrading ingredients for the next tier of pills, he was certain he could do it quickly. Once he had the recipe and ingredients figured out, it didn't take him long at all.

There was one main thing that Alex needed to learn about the recipe. That was how the ingredients affected each other each time they were put into the cauldron while following the recipe.

The knowledge about the energy interaction was what he had already learned about. 

Once he learned that, he could do some mental simulations with Saint rank ingredients and see if they followed the same pattern.

From there, it was just a bunch of trial and error for him to get to the ingredients he needed. He also knew a bunch of ingredients that could be substituted just because they were very commonly used in antidote pills.

As such, it became even easier for him to complete it all. 

A month after he started, Alex had prepared the first Saint-ranked version of that pills. It was only a 62% harmony pill, but that was only a start.

As long as he had the recipe, it didn't even take him a few days to improve it. Once the final product was ready, the heavens announced its arrival by banging the lightning gong 8 times in a row.

Alex ate the pill and felt the energy flow into his body and disappear. The energy from the pill had become dormant while waiting for any type of poison or toxin to enter his body.

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Alex's knowledge ate a poison and the energy immediately fought against it. After a few experimentations, he figured out that the energy of the pill lasted inside one's body for no more than 2 weeks.

Even an 8-veined antidote pill didn't last longer than that, although it did stop way more poison than the normal ones did.

"It's a very good pill," Alex thought. "Certainly I can't leave it be nameless."

He thought for a bit and came up with a simple name for the pill.

"The Saint Poison Neutralizing Pill."


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