I Made Beast-taming Widespread Across The Globe

Chapter 379 - 379 It Was Done Just Like That?! (3)

379 It Was Done Just Like That?! (3)

“What’s that sound?”

Everyone, whose attention was originally on the werewolf leader, immediately stopped discussing and listened.

He discovered that it was in the direction the werewolves had fled in previously.

Guo Yuankai immediately patted the Thunder Falcon on his shoulder.

The Thunder Falcon rushed into the sky like an arrow leaving the bow. Then, Guo Yuankai saw an extremely shocking scene through the Thunder Falcon’s shared vision.

“Lion, lion man!”

“So many lion men…”

“It’s rushing towards us!”

As soon as Guo Yuankai finished speaking, they saw a group of lion men riding lions a few hundred meters away chasing the werewolves who had run away previously.

Three werewolves could not keep running at high speed because they did not have mount wolves.

It was directly picked up by the lion man chasing after them with a spear.

Then… it was divided and eaten by the lions riding on the lion man.

Moreover, this did not affect the movements of these lions. They completely ate as they ran. Every lion had a tacit understanding and threw out the meat after taking a bite.

Just like that, in the end, only the skeletons of the three werewolves were left…

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Seeing such a bloody scene, the students directly retched on the spot like Xing Rong had seen the monster “eating” summoned by the student prophet previously.

This included the two young masters, Tang Tian and Li Yao.

Only Wang Zhen and the other two mercenaries were relatively immune to such scenes.

Zhou Wenjie looked at these lion men and recalled the “fear” he had felt when he was tied to the wooden stake.

That was the closest he had come to death.

“What should we do? Should we retreat first?”

Hearing Zhou Wenjie’s words, Wang Zhen nodded.

“Let’s retreat. We’ve been in here for three to four days and have gained something.”

“I can go back and tell Hall Master Lin about this.”

Iron Axe nodded.

After the three of them finished discussing, they looked at the students who were still vomiting.

“We’re preparing to go back. What about you?”

“Of course, I suggest you leave quickly.”

“These lion men are not to be trifled with. Moreover, judging from the number, there are at least dozens of them.”

Hearing this, no one had any objections.

Other than Li Yao.

He also knew that it was dangerous!

However… looking at the werewolf leader in the electric net, he really could not bear to part with him!

Although it was a little different from the lion man who had been decided at the beginning,

However, it was fine as long as he was strong enough.

Tang Tian looked at Li Yao and patted his shoulder, but he did not persuade him.


“Forget it, I’ll try it first.”

With that said, Li Yao took out a blank Beast Taming Card from the Beast Taming Index.

Then, he shouted at the werewolf leader in the electric net who was howling angrily at the lion men,

“I… If you follow me, I can bring you to take revenge on these lion men!”

Swish ~

The moment he saw the werewolf leader disappear, Li Yao was still a little stunned.

“Don’t just stand there!”

“Take your things and leave quickly!”

The iron axe punched his shoulder and directly pressed the button on the Beast Taming Index.

At this moment, the lion man was less than 200 meters away.

After happily putting away his Skynet 3 series, Li Yao touched the Beast Taming Card of the werewolf leader in his hand and could not help but smile.

If he had known that it was so simple, he would have said this earlier ~

Thinking of this, Li Yao finally disappeared from the lion men’s sight.

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