Second World

Chapter 1252 1252. The Bout Between Country Guardians

Master saw Broidrireg flying over.

"Mm… Not exactly the one I hope to show up," He muttered.

He then said to his high demon, "Keep them busy." After that instruction, he flew away.

Nilrem was puzzled by Master's action, but she didn't let this bother her. She even felt relieved. She and the lady of the lake had been slightly overwhelmed due to Master using his divine skills on them. With Master leaving, they would have an easier time dealing with only the high demon.

Once the high demon was killed, they could then divert their attention to helping the army below.


Suzaki swooped down at the Themisphere army below. Raining fiery darts as she did. The archers and mages sent their attacks as she descended but a layer of flame reduced much of the damage she received. Some weaker attacks were even completely burnt to nothingness.

When she arrived near the ground, she unleashed a flame burst that burned everything around her, dealing very high fire damage. She then flew away before the army could reorganize.

Her flying was very fast. The officers with flying ability could do little to catch up to her. She kept on flying from one spot to another, creating havoc within the Themisphere army ranks, allowing the Liguritudum army to gain even more advantage.

She stopped when she sensed Broidrireg's approach.

"Old one," Suzaki greeted.

"My lady," Broidrireg greeted back. "Might you be so kind as to give me face and vacate this battleground?"

"I'm sorry. Even for you, I can't do that. I have an obligation to my contract bearer."

"That's a pity," Broidrireg sighed. "Well, I guess I do need an exercise once in a while to loosen my old bones."

Once Broidrireg finished his words, spell formations appeared around him, four of them!

Suzaki didn't just stay still. She flapped her wings and multiple feather darts made of fire flew toward Broidrireg. At the same time, she also cast a spell. Her casting only formed one spell formation like other spellcasters with no dual-casting talent.

Her spell was completed first since it was a six-runes spell, lesser than the ones Broidrireg was casting. Her spell was Flame Wrath. The multiple fireballs conjured by the spell followed behind her flame darts.

All of Broidrireg's spell formation consisted of seven runes. Even when he was multi-casting so many spells at the same time, they were all completed before Suzaki's flame wrath and flame darts arrived.

One of Broidrireg's spells created a water curtain around his serpentine body. It was a similar defensive spell as Nilrem's, but with a much thicker water wall forming the curtain. This water curtain blocked Suzaki's flame darts. The darts couldn't penetrate the dense water and they were doused midway.

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The second spell formation conjured a raging wind that formed a massive whirlwind before Broidrireg. This whirlwind destroyed all the remaining flame darts and also the flame wrath following behind. There was an image of a serpent head at the tip of this whirlwind. After destroying Suzaki's attacks, this whirlwind moved as if alive and headed to Suzaki.

The third spell unleashed an uncountable number of water spears that shot at Suzaki.

The fourth spell caused the air around Suzaki to become so dense that she had difficulty moving. As a result, she was unable to fly away and dodge the spells coming at her.

She covered her body with her fiery wings. The air around her combusted into flame, forming a large fireball.

Broidrireg's whirlwind serpent and water spears battered the fireball, causing damage numbers to pop up repeatedly. The damage was greatly mitigated, though, due to Suzaki's flame defense.

All while suffering through the damage, this huge fireball moved little by little within the area affected by Broidrireg's dense air spell. After some struggle, the fireball finally escaped the area. It then shot at high speed.

The huge fireball flew toward Broidrireg, who slightly twirled his elongated body to dodge the fireball. The fireball then bounced back as if hitting a solid wall in the air. It ricocheted multiple times in the air, creating a confusing flight pattern. All the while, it tried to hit Broidrireg.

The fireball failed, though. Broidrireg continued to twirl his long body around, meticulously dodging the speeding fireball despite its chaotic movements.

At one opportunity, Broidrireg swung his tail. The tail accurately struck the incoming fireball, sending it crashing onto the ground where the Liguritudum's soldiers were crowding.

Broidrireg then took a deep breath. Mana gathered into his mouth as he did. He then opened his mouth and a torrent of water and wind was discharged.

The unleashed water formed a thin but extremely condensed water jet while raging winds circulated the water jet. The water gave an extremely high penetrative ability to whatever it hit while the winds destroyed everything it touched.

Suzaki ended her fireball form when she touched down on the ground and hurriedly flew away just as the water wind breath arrived. She narrowly escaped. But since she was among the Liguritudum army when she fell, it was the army that now suffered the breath attack.

The soldiers who were hit directly by the water jet were mostly killed in one hit, while the winds ravaged and dealt massive damage in a larger area.

Broidrireg continued unleashing his breath while chasing after Suzaki. He failed to hit her when his breath attack ended, but the devastation he caused to the Liguritudum army was not small.

Suzaki caught her breath when Broidrireg's attack stopped.

"As expected of the previous lord of the dragons. You are still as troublesome as you used to be," Suzaki said.

"You know. I don't have many old friends left in this world. Among all those old acquaintances, you are the one I preferred to fight against," Broidrireg said. "Because I don't have to hold back. You won't die for real."

Three spell formations appeared around Broidrireg this time. Two were eight-rune spells, while the third one was a very large spell formation. A mega spell!

Suzaki's eyes narrowed. She actually preferred to fight the current lord of the dragons, Eoranth, compared to Broidrireg. While Eoranth's strength was unmatched, he was mostly a physical fighter. As for Broidrireg, this old dragon's multi-casting ability and library of spells were terrifying.


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