The Rise of the Black Plain

Chapter 1645 Returning To The Surface

After another week of traveling, Minos finally reached a point where he decided it would be best not to continue traveling across the ocean floor.

After three weeks after his departure from the City of a Thousand Races, he had covered more than half the remaining distance to reach the location of the floating island he was going after.

Amidst this, he had gotten closer to the most important part of the great Ancestral Sea, where more and more beasts migrating away could be seen following the opposite direction of his.

Not only those weaker beasts he had seen before arriving in the City of a Thousand Races were fleeing. Even more powerful beasts could be seen fleeing close to where he was now.

As these many beasts migrated, now and then, groups of rival species would come into contact, and battles would break out, creating chaos for those in the surrounding area.

After suffering through encounters of fate generated by fleeing enemy beasts, Minos concluded that it was no longer feasible for him to continue traveling along the ocean floor.

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So this morning, he had begun the process of getting his yacht back to the surface!

At this instant, Minos was using his Chaotic Gravity technique to lift his yacht and the bubble covering it to the surface, having already left one of the paths he had used to get to this point.

As he did this, he stood on the yacht's deck, cautiously observing the surroundings, gradually seeing the front of it becoming less illuminated.

As he left that safer area of the sea, he tried to move a little slower as he reached the area where many high-level elders were in seclusion.

When he reached the zone of darkness, Minos looked around and saw many hideous beings, strange fish with more than 300 teeth in their mouths, some beings with glowing parts in their bodies, and the strangest kinds of bodies.

The weakest ones were at level 85, timidly gathered at the edges of the zone of darkness. Meanwhile, the strongest ones there exceeded level 95, which Minos had not seen before, as he was farther away from the central area of the Ancestral Sea.

Being closer to where the most powerful of that sea lived, there were naturally more high-level elders cultivating or on guard in this zone of darkness.

When he reached the middle of this zone, he saw a gigantic level 92 jellyfish, scanning the surroundings with its powerful spiritual fluctuations, as it had no eyes to see.

Not far from this creature, a level 93 Seahorse, responsible for watching the surroundings for the moment, suddenly opened its eyes and looked toward Minos and his yacht.

It saw a level 77 human moving his yacht to the surface but showing no signs of aggression or disrespect.

'A human? I haven't seen one of those in 300 years.' The creature closed its eyes after sensing all it could fathom in Minos. 'It's a very talented specimen. But it's venturing where he shouldn't.

He won't live long.'

Then, as that Seahorse stopped paying attention to Minos, one of the arms of a level 94 octopus, moving as it cultivated, moved toward where this human was passing.

Minos saw this and swallowed his saliva, for he could not simply dodge it, or it might cause too much commotion within that area.

Feeling that he didn't have much room to act either, Minos opened a wormhole to tens of kilometers above his position as cautiously as possible.

'Now it's all or nothing!' He thought before passing along with his yacht through that space crack he had just opened.

Immediately after his movement, that level 94 creature looked in Minos' direction and shot a giant drop of black ink in the direction from which this human had escaped.

'A quick and unexpected move... But that's not good enough, human!' That creature that had just woken up thought, but without moving, for a single drop of its poison was enough to deal with a mere level 77 worm.


Minos appeared already out of the zone of darkness but still inside the sea.

When he thought he would escape from that powerful creature, he felt an impressive force chasing him and looked down.

As he did so, he saw a black drop, the size of the largest yacht he had refused to buy days ago, coming at incredible speed toward him.

"Oh, shit!" That was all he said before making his Soul Avatar show itself and immediately merging Chaotic Gravity with Devouring Art.

A few milliseconds later, he concentrated a large black hole behind his yacht to protect him from that thing.

But Minos would not fully trust that and once again opened a wormhole upwards, afraid that that attack would be so strong that part of it would push his black hole against him and swallow his ship before he could save it.

This is what happened moments after Minos' decision!

While Minos' black hole devoured part of that powerful attack, most of the attack power ate away the space structures in that region of space.

Amidst the destruction faster than the development of that black hole, it had been pushed upwards, destroying everything in its path to Minos.

Minos finally appeared on the sea's surface, took the Black Hole Bomb he had with him, and threw it in the direction of the thing coming towards him.

He picked up his yacht and floated as fast as he could, already in his Soul Avatar form, fearful of the consequences of those two attacks.

Moments later, a shocking explosion appeared 20 kilometers below the sea's surface, creating a scorching sea in the surroundings.

It melted all beings in the surroundings, blinding those watching from a distance, while the water itself, for tens of kilometers, boiled and even evaporated.

On the surface of the sea, Minos saw a gigantic jet of steam rising out of the scalding water, while in the surroundings, the sea level seemed to rise, compelled by the immense pressure below that area.

'Shit!' Minos cursed the thing that attacked him as a golden layer appeared around his avatar and even over his yacht.

But even with his defenses, Minos' yacht would suffer from burns, and Emperor Stuart himself would suffer deep burns this day!



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